Resilience: Beauty in Stubbornness

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    After my home was damaged by a storm, I started layering paint on some left over roof decking that was used to repair our house. I'm calling this piece "Resilience: the Beauty in Stubbornness". When I first started carving lines into the paint, they flowed along nicely together. As I continued, I got this sense of not wanting to go with the flow, to explore what it looked like to interrupt the flow by going a different direction, it felt like stubbornness exuding into the carving. I know that stubbornness isn't always the nicest word, but when you're getting up from a fall or hardship, dogged determination to move forward step by step is truly a beautiful thing.


    Carved into 45 layers of acrylic paint onroof decking.

    Paint carvings are created by painting layers of acrylic paint onto a surface and then carving paint away to reveal a design. Layering paint for a single piece is a process that takes several weeks to layer and even more to carve. It is a labor of love and peace and renders designs with a beautiful and unique texture.


    Size: approximately 48L x 24W x 1H(in)

    Hardware: Yes, D-rings and wire