Let It Shine Paint Carving

  • A main element in my work is light. I explore this through texture which affords us the ability to balance the light with the dark and to see these elements shift depending on our perspective. Ultimately, light can't exist without dark, but I look to remind others that even in the dark, there is light and hope. This piece is named Let It Shine and is carved into 60 layers of acrylic paint on an 18in diameter wooden circle.


    Paint carvings are created by painting layers of acrylic paint onto a surface and then carving paint away to reveal a design. Layering paint for a single piece is a process that takes several weeks to layer and even more to carve. It is a labor of love and peace and renders designs with a beautiful and unique texture.


    Size: approximately 18W x 18H x 1D(in)

    Hardware: Yes, D-rings and wire