5 Ways to Find Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

My creative soul needs sunshine. Trouble is, I can’t control the sun. It won’t shine when I tell it to. The clouds won’t go away at the wave of my hand. But, I’ve found a few ways to make my own sunshine and wanted to share these ideas with you. Best of all, they are either completely free or pretty cheap, you may even have what you need laying around your house right now!

1. Literally Make Your Own Sunshine

Look around you, find bright colors, whatever you have. Even if all you have is a highlighter and bills or junk mail. Draw/paint/put together/whatever works for you, a sun. It can be a literal circle with spokes, it can be more abstract. It could be you spread out those bright colors you found (on blankets, clothes, scraps of paper) and are now surrounded in their bright beauty. Walking into my studio, this bright color hit me like rays of sunshine even though it was dark and depressing outside, I immediately felt the warmth of the sun filling my eyes with such bright color.

2. Show Some Love

Snuggle with a loved one. Or, if you can’t be together, reach out, tell your loved ones you love them. Check on your friends and remind them you care and they are special to you.

3. Feel The Warmth

Find a warm place. If you’ve ever stood in direct sunlight and closed your eyes, your other senses kick in allowing you to feel it too. So go find yourself a heater, a heating pad, a warm drink, and bask in the warmth.

4. Move Your Body

Crank up some upbeat music. Anything that makes you move and groove will do. This fun exercise even in short bursts can boost your mood and help you shine from the inside out.

5. Light It Up

Turn on lights. All the lights. If you don’t want to run up your light bill, turn all the lights on while you’re listening to music and moving then turn them off when you’re done. Or, put the brightest light right next to you while you work. Get a string of Christmas lights and plug them in around your workspace. Even a little cheery light can go a long way.

Bottom line, these ideas work for me, but you should always do what works best for you!

Wishing you light every day, but especially those cloudy days!