Paint Carving Commissions

Paint Carving Commissions are Currently Closed.


Paint Carving Commission FAQs


What is the typical timeframe for a Paint Carving commission?

Each paint carving takes a minimum of 5-6 weeks to layer enough paint before it can be carved. Depending on the size and scope of the project, carving may take up to 5-6 weeks further after layering to complete. For this reason, commission spots are limited. 

Can you create Paint Carvings at my location?

Unfortunately, no. In order for each layer of paint to set properly, they need to be painted in a weather proof, temperature controlled setting. The layering process also requires a new layer being added 3-4 times daily, making it unfeasible for me to travel and perform this task outside of my studio. 

What size Paint Carvings can you create?

Ideally, I look to work with pieces no larger than 24in high, length is much more flexible.   

Can you use a substrate provided by me?

I would truly like to work with more collectors and interior designers to create artwork using a substrate with history to them to add another layer of special to the artwork. I envision using scrap wood/furniture to create works of art. The substrate for a paint carving would need to be a size suitable to fit in my studio and as outlined above. Depending on your location, substrates would need to be shipped to me. 

Do you offer Paint Carving classes?

I would love to share this amazing medium with others! Please reach out if you would like to collaborate on providing a class!